Monarch Baroque Pool Table

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750.00 LBS

The Monarch Baroque Pool Table brings a new fashion and modern, vibrant pop of color to a grand style pool table. The modern color and contrasting strong velvet tones create a beautiful design with the Neoclassical table carved designs. The pool table is carved in 100 % solid wood with dramatic hand-carved lion heads on each leg and connected with a carved skirted apron. 100% Hardwood Construction with classic Victorian era carvings and hand-finished in multi-step antiqued wood finishing *Hand Tooled Cordovan Genuine Leather Pockets *Genuine Slate 1" Thick, Framed Back, 3-Pieces 1" slate arrives cut to precision fit with a solid wood slate support frame and bonded to the underside of each slate piece for ease of handling and install. *Double crossbeam construction offers proper weight-bearing capabilities *Features Mother of Pearl inlaid diamond sights on rails. INSTALLATION The base of table comes completely assembled for strength, The legs require mounting to the base, The Slate will sit and mount easily on top of the base, You will appreciate that the slate is sent in 3 pieces for ease of lifting, handling and to reduce risk of breakage. The felt then layers over the slate stretched and stapled to the slate wood framing below shim, putty screws, and level where necessary and your almost Don ! The final steps are the installation of the rails and pocket assembly. The rails are secured with 3 bolts and come refitted with felt. *Level as you would like any table and you too can play on a table that even the pro's would envy and your friends will ooh and ahh over. *8' Pool Table Dimensions: Playfield - 44" x 88"; Outside - Approx. 56" x 100"; Weight: 750 lbs. *Deluxe pool table accessories kit including pool table, balls four 2-piece pool cues, bridge stick, pool ball set, brush, tally bottle, tally balls, tip repair kit, 6 cue clip wood wall rack, vinyl pool table cover, 8 ball rack. This kit has everything you need to enjoy your pool table. Covered by a limited lifetime warranty. This is an investment-grade piece of furniture for your home or business, one that offers countless hours of quality family and friend time for years to come! Ships in 4 - 6 weeks.

Color: Black, White

Materials: Velvet, Leather, Wood, Slate

Dimensions: 8' Pool Table Dimensions: Playfield - 44" x 88"; Outside - Approx. 56" x 100"; 100.00 x 55.00 x 31.50